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I think my first definition of on-line journalism is still correct; any form of journalism practiced on the Internet. 

That includes on-line newspaper sites, blogs, journals, and other websites. 

However, I would also like to add on-line multimedia, such as audio and visual slide shows, photo galleries, or other photo/video related material.

Over the course of this semester, The Boston Globe’s blog began posting videos into their blog posts. Although I enjoy the more conventional print forms of on-line o journalism, I’m sure there are many people who appreciate the new video feeds. It also shows the direction which on-line journalism is moving.

In a nutshell, on-line journalism is any on-line journalism medium. That is not to say anyone can write about anything on the Internet.

Credibility is the most important component of journalism, and that fact is not lost on the Internet. Viewer ships make a good on-line site, and he only ay to get views and loyal readers is to produce quality, informative, entertaining stories in a timely manner. 

Although anyone can practice on-line journalism, only the most quality sites will survive. Easy accessibility does not mean all journalistic rules and ethics are thrown out the window. Being on-line is ever more of a reason to produce quality, credible work.


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