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Tomorrow, my sports journalism class will be taking a field trip to ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut. It’s a great opportunity; once again, the journalism department gets screwed.  610x

Each student is required to pay $35 for gas money and other transportation costs. Apparently, $350 is too steep a price to charge on the university credit card.

Just last month, my roommate took a field trip all across New England observing various wetlands. He went a similar, if not the same, university van. His trip cost a grand total of $0.

A number of my friends are in the Stockbridge program. They receive a free winter jacket and numerous sweatshirts. When was the last time anyone in the journalism department received anything for free?

It seems the journalism department always get the shaft. We are the black sheep of the University of Massachusetts family, settling for leftovers. But I guess, in the end, it will only make us stronger.

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