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These two have a history, and Thursday night, in the third period, Milan Lucic and Mike Komisarek squared off and settled their differences the old fashioned way.

Komisarek and Lucic have battled other since the beginning of last season. Their feud boiled over in the first round of the playoffs last year, as Komisarek delivered a number of cheap shots to Lucic, while refusing to drop the gloves each time Lucic challenged him.

Much of the same in the team’s first meeting this year. At one point, the 20 year old Lucic, pawed at Komisarek’s face with his glove, trying to goat him into a fight. Once again, Komisarek backed down, choosing to stay out of the penalty box (although both players were issued 10 minute unsportsmanlike misconduct penalties).

Finally, with the Bruins winning, 5-1, they engaged in battle. Lucic absolutely destroyed Komisarek, pumping his fists and urging on the sold out Boston crowd with boyish enthusiasm after the bout.

The next time these two teams meet, Nov. 22 in Montreal, look for more fireworks.

After the win, the Bruins are now 10-3-3, perched atop the Northeast Division standings. The white-hot B’s have won five games in a row and eight out of their last nine.

Some quotes courtesy of the Bruin’s official website and The Boston Globe.

“What we did in the playoffs last year showed us that we were definitely capable of beating these guys if we wanted to and if we played well enough.

“This year, we were down 3-0 against Montreal, and we battled back and lost in a shootout.  Tonight it was nice that we were determined to win the hockey game (because) we knew the importance of it.” -head coach Claude Julien

Lucic, on his reaction after the fight: “Just excitement, when the fans are screaming and they’re pumped up, it gets you even more pumped up, so it’s pretty much adrenaline going through me.”

Zdeno Chara, on the play of the fourth line: “That’s crucial. It’s huge, especially with our heavy schedule like this, when you can use the whole bench. It does pay off, otherwise we would be exhausted. They’re doing an unbelievable job.”

Thornton, on the team working together: “All twenty guys are going, I don’t think that there were any passengers tonight and I don’t think there was been for a while. That’s what you need to be successful, and the old ‘everyone’s got to believe in the system,’ it’s true, everyone’s believing in it and it’s paying off.”

Next up for the Bruins, a date with the first place team in the Eastern Conference, the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden Saturday night.

Hockey and the Bruins are back in Boston. To all the fair weather fans out there, get on the bandwagon while there is still room.

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