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Thanks to a malfunctioning digital camera battery and terrible picture quality on my cellphone (ie: no flash), I do not have any pictures or videos to go along with my place blog entry. However,  I will do my best to accurately describe/give play-by-play to the scene around my apartment complex throughout the election process Tuesday night. 800px-umass_amherst_web_dubois_library_night_2

I live in the BrandyWine apartment complex right outside of campus. I decided to watch the coverage and results at my apartment, due to the fact that I a) wanted to watch everything in a quiet environment where I could hear all the analysis and b) I needed to be able to hear everything due to an obligation for another class.

The night started with me and three of my friends sitting on the couch watching CNN. Now, my friends are not the kind of people who enjoy watching politics, especially something as “boring” (their words) as sitting and waiting for voting results. But, I convinced them to at least give it a shot.

I switched back and forth between CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and PBS, while frequently checking various web sites such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Boston Globe. About 20 minutes into the coverage, we lost one of my buddies to boredom, as he bolted out the door, looking for anything better to do.

Twenty minutes after that, we had our second causality, leaving just me and my roommate.

Minutes turned to hours, as the results kept pouring in. At the time my roommate began snoring (around 10 p.m.), the suspense was over, and it was more when Barack Obama would get enough votes to win the presidency.

Then, at 11 p.m., with the closing of most western time zone polls, Obama was officially awarded the presidency, winning the 2008 Presidential Election.


All was quiet on the western front. The results did not seem to have an affect on anyone, as BrandyWine was eerily quiet. I walked out onto my balcony, trying to get a better look at the scene. Nothing.

And then, finally, after about 10 minutes passed, some yelling could be heard in the vicinity.

“Wooo Hooo yeaaa Barack,” shouted an apparently excited girl.I walked to my window, wondering if a infamous UMass riot were about to break out. Nope. It looked like the yelling came form the window of a tenant.

A few more shouts were heard over the next few minutes, as I posted up in my bed, anxiously awaiting Obama’s victory speech. I could not help wonder, as I watched the thousands of Obama fans celebrating with chants, songs, and dance, where all the UMass students were.

Perhaps, I live in a quiet part of campus, although the area around the Townhouses is not known for its good behavior. Or perhaps, students do not really care. I can tell you one thing, if the Red Sox or Patriots just won a championship, there sure as Hell would be a mass gathering of students, wildly celebrating the victory. Maybe, the 2000 election had people pessimistic, leaving doubt in the minds everyone.

Whatever the reason, there was not much celebrating in the area around my apartment Tuesday night. All that was missing was the tumble weed and old western themed music.


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  1. Unlike the streets of Northampton, where honking, screaming, dancing, etc. broke loose all over the place. Check out the videos on Andrea’s blog.

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