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It’s interesting to hear all the negativity coming out of the McCain camp regarding Sarah Palin today, one day after John McCain lost the election to Barack Obama.

Like most of the general public, many people in the McCain camp questioned not only her credentials for the job, but also her basic middle school geography. As stated in the video, and I find this pretty hard to believe, Palin was not aware Africa was a continent, rather she thought the giant land mass was a country.

It just shows that everything is not as peachy behind closed doors as some people may make it seem. If picking Palin as his vice-presidential choice was one last hail mary for the McCain camp, I think it’s safe to say the pass fell incomplete, ending the game and presidential hopes for the Republican party.

Placeblog to come tomorrow.


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  1. I think that the Republicans are trying to shift more blame of their loss to Sarah Palin. Yes, she is not the brightest or most experienced crayon in the box, but it was MCCAIN who choose her. The woman they were once hailing on Fox News, as a great strategy on McCain’s part and as a representative of American values, is becoming the scapegoat. They’re also blaming her in showing that there was fighting between her and McCain in the months preceding the election.

    They need to get over it and realize why they really lost.

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