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A blog titled Franklin Matters is the blog which best represents the town of Franklin. The slogan under the title states: “What what Ben say about the current events in the first town that was named for him?” I’m sure, if still alive, Ben Franklin would have more pressing needs and issues to deal with other than the town of Franklin, but I digress.

Although not really well written and appealing to the eye, the sight is able to capture the basic issues surrounding the town of Franklin, which is located on the border of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, halfway between Providence and Boston.

The first feature which jumped out at me was the local events calendar. Located on the right side of the page, the calendar seems to be updated daily, and gives a list of the upcoming major activities and events.

In any town, one of the biggest issues facing the town as a whole is the schools. This site gives a summary of every school committee meeting. This is a great feature for parents unable to attend the meetings for various reasons. The site also gives summaries of financial, town council, and other important town meetings.

Another great feature is the flickr photo application, which displays a variety of pictures taken around the town, from the newly renovated Honey Dew Donuts to the signs displayed in front of Parmenter Elementary School.

The blog posts also revolve around other town happenings, such as the dispute involving the police force and their labor union. My favorite post is about the newly opened Andro’s Pizza, which is a stone’s throw from my house, and a good spot for a quick bite.

Most posts, but not all, are accompanied by pictures. The picture of Andro’s is said to be taken with a mobile phone.

However, the site does not seem to have many followers, as most of the posts I clicked on did not have any comments. Also, most of the flickr pictures only had a few views, most ranging from three to five views. Perhaps this person should start networking their blog more, as they provide information that would be useful for past, future, or new residents looking for more information about the great town of Franklin.


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