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What first sounded like an easy assignment quickly turned into a lost cause. Getting comments on a blog post was a much more difficult assignment than I could have ever imagined.   

The blog post I chose was about Manny Ramirez, and how he was unjustifiably run out of town by an ownership who holds a monopoly over the Greater Boston media market. I figured it was a hot topic, as most people I know now despise Ramirez, forgetting everything great he did for the Boston Red Sox while patrolling left field all those years. And, at the time, Ramirez was in the process of leading his new team deep into the playoffs,where they very well may have faced the Sox in the World Series.

I got three comments, and one comment was from my professor, Scott Brodeur, telling me to use the more button/block quotes. So, realistically I got two comments.

I met with a few problems while attempting to get comments. 1) Some of my friends, who I shamefully encouraged to read and comment on my post were not word press members, so they were, not allowed to comment unless they activated an account. Lazy, unmotivated, and uncaring-they did not. However, I have since learned that you can set your preferences differently,allowing anyone a chance to comment on a blog post. 2) I did not network my blog nearly enough.

AOL profiles, facebook,and other networking websites such as twitter are great outlets for networking a blog, and in the future, I have to take advantage of them. Also, commenting on other people’s blogs, especially classmates, builds a mutual understanding that, you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

Edgier topics are also another way to get more comments. Just today, before class, I wrote a post about the Peabody Police Department trying to turn September 11 into a paid holiday. Upon returning from class, I had five comments, three from people I did not even know. It’s too bad I can’t use that post as my project.

In conclusion, I failed miserably attempting to get comments on my blog, but it seemed the same for most of the class. The key to blogging is networking, interacting, and edgy topics; three things I have not been doing much of. All in all, the project was a good learning experience, opening my eyes, and teaching me I have to be more proactive trying to build a loyal readership for my blog. Hopefully in the future, I can heed my own advice, and advice from others, and turn my blog into an Internet hotbed.


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  1. Trying is the first step towards failure. The lesson is, never try.

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