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This video is in my favorites, and is quite possibly one of the most impressive feats of coordination, athletic ability, and agility I have ever seen.

The audience background music embedded in the video is taped over from the feed of a juggling finale for some television show. The original, done by Chris Bliss, is equally impressive, however, a little slower and with three balls opposed to five.

The juggler in the first video names it Chris Bliss Diss, because that’s just what it is. Apparently, he is either not a fan of Chris Bliss, or thinks the poor guy is getting a little too much credit.

Either way, both videos show tremendous skill. I found it difficult enough attempting to juggle scarfs in middle school, let alone sync a juggling act of stratospheric proportions with a song. Speaking of which, the song only enhances the act.

The original, Chris Bliss, does a better job or playing to the music, ebbing and flowing with exact precision and melody to the music, where the diss is more about skill and athleticism.

Each time I watch the diss, I wonder how many times he attempted the routine, only to fail halfway through. He was probably there half the night, swearing, sweating, and agonizing before finally completing it to perfection. Either way, both videos are interesting in their own way, possessing the ability to captivate and draw in an audience.

Which one do you like better?


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