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Growing tired of Seinfeld and Simpson’s re-runs, I decided to begin watching a new afternoon television series. Fitting my schedule, and also striking my interest, King of Queens quickly became my go-to option.

Over the last year, I have religiously watched the program, finding it more funny by the episode. Kevin James is a riot. He is quite possibly one of the funniest men on the face of this planet.

Anyways, while watching it with my buddies the other day, an episode of legendary proportions came on. In the episode, Doug’s (Kevin James) wife puts a stripper pole in the bedroom, treating him with an erotic dance each night before bed. One problem, she is terrible at it. At the end, Doug has finally seen enough and decides to show her how it is really done. What followed quite possibly may of been one of the funniest, most out of left-field, things I’ve ever seen on television.

Think of this, or for that matter-don’t think of this, next time venturing to your favorite after hours night club.



  1. I love King of Queens! Hilarious. Every episode.

  2. I absolutely adore Kevin James. King of Queens is so funny, and I remember that episode and laughing for the entire duration of the dance and for quite a bit after. I wonder how long he had to practice for that. Also, if you enjoy enjoy Kevin James you should check out his stand up as well. “Sweat the Small Stuff” is a classic.

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