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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Phil Kessel is finally playing like the player the Boston Bruins envisioned when they drafted him with the fifth pick in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft.

Kessel has started the year on fire for the Bruins, with six goals and one assist in the teams first 10 games, helping the B’s off to a 5-2-3 start. However, in this instance, the points don’t tell the whole story. He’s been a constant threat to opposing teams, buzzing around the ice like a hedgehog, providing the B’s with a spark, striking fear in teams across the NHL.

Phil Kessel and Marco Sturm share a light moment at practice

Phil Kessel and Marco Sturm share a light moment at practice

ESPN hockey scribe John Buccigross recently wrote about how good Kessel has been this year for the B’s in his weekly column. He even went as far as to say,

“If the 2006 draft were redone today (I like playing this game), I say the draft would look like this:

1. Blues: Jonathan Toews
2. Penguins: Phil Kessel
3. Chicago: Jordan Staal
4. Washington: Nicklas Backstrom
5. Boston: Erik Johnson

Pretty good praise for a player management, and most fans for that matter, thought about trading a few times over the course of his first two seasons. Read More »

A blog titled Franklin Matters is the blog which best represents the town of Franklin. The slogan under the title states: “What what Ben say about the current events in the first town that was named for him?” I’m sure, if still alive, Ben Franklin would have more pressing needs and issues to deal with other than the town of Franklin, but I digress.

Although not really well written and appealing to the eye, the sight is able to capture the basic issues surrounding the town of Franklin, which is located on the border of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, halfway between Providence and Boston.

The first feature which jumped out at me was the local events calendar. Located on the right side of the page, the calendar seems to be updated daily, and gives a list of the upcoming major activities and events.

In any town, one of the biggest issues facing the town as a whole is the schools. This site gives a summary of every school committee meeting. This is a great feature for parents unable to attend the meetings for various reasons. The site also gives summaries of financial, town council, and other important town meetings.

Another great feature is the flickr photo application, which displays a variety of pictures taken around the town, from the newly renovated Honey Dew Donuts to the signs displayed in front of Parmenter Elementary School.

The blog posts also revolve around other town happenings, such as the dispute involving the police force and their labor union. My favorite post is about the newly opened Andro’s Pizza, which is a stone’s throw from my house, and a good spot for a quick bite.

Most posts, but not all, are accompanied by pictures. The picture of Andro’s is said to be taken with a mobile phone.

However, the site does not seem to have many followers, as most of the posts I clicked on did not have any comments. Also, most of the flickr pictures only had a few views, most ranging from three to five views. Perhaps this person should start networking their blog more, as they provide information that would be useful for past, future, or new residents looking for more information about the great town of Franklin.

Great combination commercial, features the old wassup commercial from 2000 with the new one from 2008. Good satirical commercial focusing on the issues of today in the backdrop of the 2008 election. With the election coming up, I’m sure more commercials like this will be hitting the airwaves.

This video was taken this weekend at MapleGate Country Club in Bellingham, Massachusetts. In fairness to myself, I had no idea my swing was being videotaped at the time, and we were hurrying, trying to get nine holes in as fast as possible, before the impending rainstorm/monsoon which struck late Saturday afternoon/night.

There are a number of things wrong with the swing. First and foremost, my feet are not aligned in the slightest way. They are completely cockeyed. There is also way to much movement in my swing.

My follow through is terrible, as I tend to keep most of my body weight back, instead of driving through the ball, losing distance while encouraging a slice.

Somehow, some way, my shot didn’t end up in too bad shape. If anyone reading this is a golf professional, I will take a free lesson anytime. Working at a golf course, one would think my swing would be much more fluid and controlled. But, that’s the best part about golf, I have the rest of my life to try to figure it out, and in the process of doing so, I will continue to spend countless carefree days on the links, enjoying good weather, good company, and good times.

What first sounded like an easy assignment quickly turned into a lost cause. Getting comments on a blog post was a much more difficult assignment than I could have ever imagined.   

The blog post I chose was about Manny Ramirez, and how he was unjustifiably run out of town by an ownership who holds a monopoly over the Greater Boston media market. I figured it was a hot topic, as most people I know now despise Ramirez, forgetting everything great he did for the Boston Red Sox while patrolling left field all those years. And, at the time, Ramirez was in the process of leading his new team deep into the playoffs,where they very well may have faced the Sox in the World Series.

I got three comments, and one comment was from my professor, Scott Brodeur, telling me to use the more button/block quotes. So, realistically I got two comments. Read More »

September 11, 2001 is a day that will forever be remember in America. I’m sure there is not an American old enough to remember what happened that can not tell you what he/she was doing when the towers were struck.

Each year, tributes, memorials, and other acts of commemoration are held, as Americans pay homage to those who lost their lives on that fateful day.   

However, for the police officers in Peabody, that isn’t enough. An article on CNN’s website claims Peabody’s finest is in the process of making Sept. 11 a paid holiday.

What may at first seem like a genuine act of remembrance is really just a cheap act selfishness, taking away even more money from taxpayers (like me and you) and shoving it right directly into the pockets of the cops. According to the article,

The New York Police Department, which lost 23 officers at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, does not recognize the day as a paid holiday.

No members of the Peabody force were killed on September 11, but some went to New York after the terror attacks to help the city recover

Talk about milking the cow for all it’s worth. Talk about a cheap attempt to make some extra money. Each and every American was hurt by the events of Sept. 11, from those who lost loved ones, to those who just plain watched on television, finding out first hand how vulnerable and hated America actually is.

For a police department to think, because they are law enforcement, that somehow it affects them more, is just plain ludicrous. Police are supposed to set an example, and lead by that example. Maybe that is what’s wrong with America, a self centered attitude that starts in the top tiers of the hierarchy, and eventually festers it’s way down.

So, congratulations Peabody, your police department just showed America how egotistical they are. If officers in New York, who watched their brothers in arms meet their ultimate demise trying to protect innocent people, are not getting a paid holiday, you sure as hell should not be.

This video is in my favorites, and is quite possibly one of the most impressive feats of coordination, athletic ability, and agility I have ever seen.

The audience background music embedded in the video is taped over from the feed of a juggling finale for some television show. The original, done by Chris Bliss, is equally impressive, however, a little slower and with three balls opposed to five.

The juggler in the first video names it Chris Bliss Diss, because that’s just what it is. Apparently, he is either not a fan of Chris Bliss, or thinks the poor guy is getting a little too much credit.

Either way, both videos show tremendous skill. I found it difficult enough attempting to juggle scarfs in middle school, let alone sync a juggling act of stratospheric proportions with a song. Speaking of which, the song only enhances the act.

The original, Chris Bliss, does a better job or playing to the music, ebbing and flowing with exact precision and melody to the music, where the diss is more about skill and athleticism.

Each time I watch the diss, I wonder how many times he attempted the routine, only to fail halfway through. He was probably there half the night, swearing, sweating, and agonizing before finally completing it to perfection. Either way, both videos are interesting in their own way, possessing the ability to captivate and draw in an audience.

Which one do you like better?

Growing tired of Seinfeld and Simpson’s re-runs, I decided to begin watching a new afternoon television series. Fitting my schedule, and also striking my interest, King of Queens quickly became my go-to option.

Over the last year, I have religiously watched the program, finding it more funny by the episode. Kevin James is a riot. He is quite possibly one of the funniest men on the face of this planet.

Anyways, while watching it with my buddies the other day, an episode of legendary proportions came on. In the episode, Doug’s (Kevin James) wife puts a stripper pole in the bedroom, treating him with an erotic dance each night before bed. One problem, she is terrible at it. At the end, Doug has finally seen enough and decides to show her how it is really done. What followed quite possibly may of been one of the funniest, most out of left-field, things I’ve ever seen on television.

Think of this, or for that matter-don’t think of this, next time venturing to your favorite after hours night club.

Tonight, the Boston Red Sox face elimination at the hands of the Tampa Bay Rays at Fenway Park. The Rays lead the Sox 3-1 going into Game Five of the American League Championship Series. The rotation has reset, and both Game One starters, Daisuke Matsuzaka and James Shields, are operating on full rest.

However, Shields will not take the ball for the Rays tonight. Nope, Big Game James, a self-proclaimed nickname, will skip tonight’s start, and instead pitch in Tampa Saturday night if a Game Six is necessary.

Rays manager Joe Maddon has issued a number of excuses for skipping Big Game. First, he claimed he wanted to make sure his bullpen had ample rest if the series were to go back to Tampa. Shields usually goes deep into games, where Scott Kazmir, tonight’s starter, tends to work his pitch count high early, paving the way for an early exit, which would tax the bullpen.

But, if Big Gme started tonight, and won, the bullpen wouldn’t be needed until Game One of the World Series next Wednesday. Interesting. Read More »

The score is 10-1. The bases are still loaded, with only one out, as the Tampa Bay Rays continue to clobber the Boston Red Sox in the sixth inning. Things couldn’t be any worse for the Sox, as they look to come back from a 2-1 (which now looks to be a 3-1) series deficit in the American League Champion Series.

Make that 11-1.

The heart of the Rays order, check that, the entire Rays lineup has abused Sox pitching since the Sox took the first game 2-0.

Evan Longoria has been a stud.

Carlos Pena, B.J. Upton, and Carl Crawford haven’t seemed to make an out since I can remember watching baseball.

Joe Maddon is in the process of out-coaching Terry Francona, who has made a few questionable moves this series, none bigger than allowing Josh Beckett to take the mound in the fifth inning of game two after getting hard hard for the first four innings, and then keeping him in the game to face Longoria after allowing two hard hit balls. Read More »