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On Tuesday Sept. 30, The New York Times, Huffington Post, and Drudge Report all featured stories relating to the economic crisis (I know surprise, surprise).

The Times featured and kept up their main article about the crisis throughout the day, however did update some of the information periodically. They also changed the main photo accompanying the story throughout the day. After my last class, I checked back in, and a new story about Mayor Michael Bloomberg running for a third term bumped the economic story.

The Huffington Post’s main headline for much of the day also centered around the economic crisis. The main story focused more on how the troubled economy affects John McCain and his campaign. Later in the day, the headline changed to “Trading Market Predicts Obama Win.”

The drudge Report did not change their headline all day, which focused on a more global view of the economic crisis. Photo’s also did not change throughout the day. The only thing that changed throughout the day were the advertisements at the top of the page.

After viewing the sites for a day, it seems as if the biggest story leads the way all day. If a bigger story comes along, it takes the top spot. When I checked back a first time, both the Huffington Post and NYTimes changed their photos.

Both the Huffinton Post and Drudge Report seem to be analogous for politics to what Boston Dirt Dogs is for Red Sox baseball. They give the news in a more biased, opinionated fashion. In a sense, both sites seem to be more like tabloids than an actual newspaper.

I really enjoyed the videos associated with the Huffinton Post. Funny, enjoyable, and entertaining.

Basically,all three major sites play up the biggest stories of the day. Today, and for the last few weeks for that matter, the economic crisis led the way. Whereas The Times gives straight news coverage, the other two sites tend to be more for entertainment and push a specific agenda. Kind of like column writing invading the Internet.

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