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One of the major questions swirling around the political world today is whether or not John McCain will show up and debate Barack Obama tonight at the University of Mississippi. McCain has insisted all week that a bailout for the troubled economy must be in place before any debate is to happen, and as of yesterday was “very hopeful” of making the debate tonight.

First off, I was shocked to hear McCain commit to Letterman. Second, I figured he would find an excuse for bailing, which he did. Even if he appeared on the show, it would just be a big dog and pony show, swinging at softball question after softball question, attempting to show the American people he has both a sense of humor and a connect with everyday citizens. It would also show a lot of people he is capable of staying up past 11 p.m. on a weeknight (that was a joke, I know the show is shot late in the afternoon).

Anyways, if McCain’s bailout on Letterman is any indication of his attitude and game plan for tonight, Obama could find himself pretty lonely on stage tonight. Here’s hoping he makes it.

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