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Tonight, the Boston Red Sox begin a four-game series against the Cleveland Indians at Fenway Park. With a win, The Sox will clinch a berth into the post-season for the fifth time in the last six seasons. To put that in perspective, the Sox have only qualified for the playoffs nine times since 1946.

So I ask, are Red Sox fans spoiled?

My mother, who has been a season-ticket holder for many years, offered me tickets to tonight’s game on Saturday. Who could pass that up right? Well, I did, and for a silly flag football game.

My point being, we have come to expect the baseball season to last well into October in New England. A game that my father, or me for that matter circa 2003, would skip his own funeral for back when he was my age has become just another rite of passage this generation of Sox fans.

I guess we have, in a way, become spoiled. Two World Series, three Super Bowl, and one NBA Championship tend to do that to a fan base. However, what shouldn’t be lost in all this is the fact we are living in the golden-age for Boston sports. Some day, when the well runs dry for a couple decades, we will all look back and wish we didn’t take Wild-Card clinching games for granted.

When Josh Beckett takes the mound for Game One of the ALDS, baseball fans from across the region will live and die on his every pitch. Employees will duck out of work early, kids will stay up well past their bedtime, and grown men will transform into teen-age boys again. What shouldn’t be lost in the madness that will engulf Red Sox Nation is just how lucky each and every one of us is.

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  1. The Handley Jinx? It better not be!

    But I will say, that is some premature locker room bubbly, Mike. If you were around in 1986, I am sure you would have waited for one more win (or Yankees loss) before hitting send.

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